Case Study

Elevating ROOTED Salon's Brand Experience


ROOTED Salon sought to launch its new identity with a goal to captivate both employees and clients, fostering a strong sense of community excitement. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate the new logo and brand elements across various touchpoints, including the website, exterior signage, business cards, gift cards, and shopping bags.


Our agency crafted a comprehensive strategy to unveil ROOTED Salon’s new brand identity. The design team meticulously developed a visually striking logo and brand elements that became the cornerstone of the teaser campaign. These elements were seamlessly integrated into the website, ensuring a consistent and engaging online experience.

The exterior signage was strategically designed to make a bold statement, inviting clients into a space that reflects both sleek aesthetics and warm vibrancy. Business cards, gift cards, and shopping bags were meticulously curated to reinforce the brand’s identity at every customer interaction point.


The results were beyond expectations. Employees embraced the new brand with genuine excitement, fostering a positive and proud work environment. Clients not only appreciated the careful attention to detail in the design elements but also fell in love with the inviting ambiance.

The website became a digital extension of ROOTED Salon’s personality, drawing in potential clients and serving as a hub for information. Exterior signage effectively attracted foot traffic, and the cohesive branding across physical materials enhanced brand recognition.

The salon now stands as a flourishing testament to the successful convergence of passion, style, and community. ROOTED Salon has become a sought-after destination, with the carefully designed brand elements contributing to an unparalleled brand experience.